Since its inauguration in October 1991, we at Kazusa DNA Research Institute have been performing our research activities so as to contribute to the development of methods for efficient breeding of important crops by decoding the genomes of model plants and plant-related microorganisms. We also aim at deepening our knowledge of genes for a variety of functions through detailed analysis of human cDNAs, thereby contributing to the prevention and therapy of human diseases.

The Center for Development of Biotech Industries was launched in October 2007 with the notion that our scientific achievements along with the cDNA clones and other related biological resources as well as various knowhow and techniques that have been accumulated might be exploited for the development of new industrial technology through the collaborative efforts with private industries and public organizations.


To publicize/distribute useful clones, related antibodies etc.
Genome analysis, gene typing, development of DNA markers
Methods/data for comprehensive analysis of bio-compounds


The center's web page has been renewed.