Division of mammalian genomic
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For global users :
Clones PID Standard type E type M type P type
cDNA clones ORK US$ 400 - To be estimated -
ORFeome clones (with a stop codon) ORS US$ 500 - - US$ 700
ORFeome clones (without a stop codon) ORH US$ 500 - - US$ 700
Flexi ORF clones FXC Contact near-by Promega Branch. -
HaloTag-containing ORF clones FHC Contact near-by Promega Branch. -


  1. Clone prices are subject to change without notice.

  2. For ORK, ORS and ORH clones: Payment by wire transfer (check as an exception) upon receipt of clone delivery is only acceptable.

Quantity discount for orders

Increased quantity of clone DNA (optional)

E-type clones and M-type clones

P-type clones

Lead Time

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