Division of mammalian genomic resources
Clones collected from a number of sources for the purpose of comprehensive analysis are useful resources for industries to make use of the genomic data. The Division of Mammalian Genomic Resources will support basic research activities in DNA- and gene-related fields and their industrial applications by providing human full-length cDNA clones, ORF clones, antibodies, etc. as well as related data that have been stored at KDRI.
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Our division will distribute, and/or issue permits to use, the bio-resources stored at KDRI such as human cDNA clones, ORF clones, antibodies, etc. For details, see individual pages through the links shown below.

Distribution of human genetic clones

Distribution of murine gene clones and anti-murine protein antibodies

Modifications of clones, etc. (for human and murine genetic clones)

Distribution of plant gene clones

We provide the following plant genetic clones. Information
Price and time for delivery