Division of mammalian genomic
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     Flexi® ORF clone

How can I find clones in your product lineup?

What are M type and E type clones?

How much do I have to pay for the clones?

How long will it take for me to receive the ordered clone(s)?

There are no clones in your product list that I want to purchase. Is it possible for you to construct clones that I want to have?

Why do the search results contain more than one clones corresponding to the same gene symbol?

I obtained results with different gene symbols when I searched for a single gene symbol. Why?

Have you confirmed the full-length ORF sequence of the 'original type clone'?

Do you confirm the full-length ORF sequence of the 'Flexi Cloning Type' and 'Flexi HaloTag Type' clones?

Under which conditions do you send the plasmid(s)?

Do you confirm the expression of the 'Flexi HaloTag Type' clones?

Does a Flexi Clone contain a Kozak sequence?

Do you have quantity discount for orders?

Where can I obtain information about the pFN21A vector?

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