Ordering Information of Kazusa SSR related Plasmid(s)

Plasmid Request

Kazusa SSR related Plasmid(s), newly developed site-specific recombinant systems consist of Vcre/VloxP and Scre/SloxP for genome engineering, are available from Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

Please email us at (ko-office AT kazusa.or.jp) if you will purchase the Kazusa SSR related plasmid(s). We are committed to safeguarding the user information, and we will not disclose any of them unless we have your consent.

Clone pricing

PID starting with SSR : JP¥ 50,000 /plasmid
PID starting with SST : JP¥ 25,000 /plasmid

Fulfilling your request and shipping charges

The standard lead time of the fulfillment of your order is 2-4 weeks upon receipt of your request. We are using Japan Post's EMS service to ship those plasmid(s). Handling and shipping charges are subject to regions, which is incremental to the distribution fee.

 EMEA* North AmericaAsia PacificLatin America
Handling and
Shipping Charges
JP¥ 2,000JP¥1,500JP¥ 1,000JP¥ 2,000
*EMEA=Europe, Middle East, Africa

If you wish to use other courier services, we can make such arrangements as requested but at requesters cost. You may also have to pay any applicable local taxes.


Payment shall be made in JP¥ by wire transfer or check payable to Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Please complete payment prior to shipment (global customer only).

If you pay by wire transfer, be sure to add associated bank charges of JP¥ 3,000 on top of clone prices and handling and shipping charges. You must follow instructions in the invoice.

If you pay by check, also be sure to add associated bank charges of JP¥ 3,000 on top of clone prices and handling and shipping charges. Please include invoice number and mail the check to:

Center for Development of Biotech Industries
Kazusa DNA Research Institute
2-6-7 kazusa-Kamatari, Kisarazu, Chiba 292-0818 Japan


We ship the Plasmid DNA in a vial. The Plasmid DNA (~0.1ug/10ul), dissolved in TE, is stable even at room temperature during distribution. It is however you are recommended to store the DNA at -20 degree centigrade for long-term storage.

Users are recommended to transform the appropriate host cells using the plasmid DNA because the plasmid DNA is contaminated with genomic DNA of E. coli. We also recommend users to reconfirm the Kazusa SSR related plasmid(s) by using appropriate restriction endonuclease(s). If you have any questions on the materials you have obtained, please feel free to contact us at (ko-office AT kazusa.or.jp).

* Limited Use Label License (Kazusa SSR related plasmid)

For research use only.
Researchers may use this clone in their own research.
Researchers cannot transfer this clone and progeny to others.
Researchers may transfer derivatives to others for research use provided that at the time of transfer a copy of this label license is given to the recipients and recipients agree to be bound by the terms of this label license.
Kazusa DNA Research Institute makes no presentations and extends no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. There are no express or implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or freedom from infringement of any patent or other proprietary rights of any third party.
Researchers assume all liability for damages that may arise from their use, storage or disposal of this clone. Researchers hold harmless and indemnify Kazusa DNA Research Institute for any claim asserted by any third party related to their use, storage or disposal of this clone.
If the purchaser is not willing to accept the conditions of this limited use statement, Kazusa DNA Research Institute is willing to accept return of the unopened product. However, in the event that the product is opened, then purchaser agrees to be bound by the conditions of this limited use statement.